Rules. So many rules and expectations managing agreed upon and sanctioned conversation. Unspoken social cues dictating what is and isn’t approved conversation. The things one simply does not speak of.

I understand these things and I even understand why people tend to shy away for speaking out of turn… and yet I find myself fascinated by these on a forbidden topics. What are we so afraid of? Perhaps the key to getting along with one another lies in facing the uncomfortable things. Perhaps the things that make us feel uncomfortable are the very things we must face in order to come back together.Perhaps the secret to our shared humanity can be found there. Let's find out.

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There are so many things that we're just not supposed to talk about in order to keep the peace, and yet I can't seem to talk about anything else...


Host and creator and writer and editor of media. A performer-type person. A troublemaker and a smartass. The more I know, the less I know. So many thoughts, so few filters.